We might be wondering that since probiotics in general assist in maintaining a healthy micro flora of a person’s gut & intestinal environment, why then would we specify on just women & probiotics, & what’s Special About Probiotics for Women?

Well it turns out that the vagina is another environmental battleground for good and bad bacteria. Here again good bacteria confer a number of benefits integral to health. Yet when they are supplanted by other bacteria, undesirable things can occur.

When certain types of bacteria colonize the vagina they can produce enzymes and give-off amine by-products. This in turn can lead to an increased pH, an often fishy odor and in some cases discharge. These are some of the clinical symptoms used to diagnose bacterial vaginosis. A common ailment in women all over the world. In other cases, it seems that these bad bacteria can change the vaginal environment in a less noticeable way making it more hospitable to yeast species of the genus Candida—the cause of yeast infections. There is also some evidence to suggest that a vaginal environment gone awry with harmful bacteria can result in a number of things, like increase inflammation, that makes a woman more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases and pre-term labor. Finally, it appears that bad bacteria can also weaken the defenses that good bacteria create to keep the urinary tract and bladder sterile. This can make a woman more susceptible to urinary tract infections.

The good news is that through over 20 years of research by leading doctors and medical specialists, probiotic strains have been shown to bolster beneficial bacteria in the vagina. This assists in restoring vaginal and urinary tract health through an improved micro flora balance. Even more importantly, a premium fermented probiotic supplement have been shown in clinical studies to reduce the incidence of unhealthy urogenital conditions from occurring in the first place. There are an estimated 1 billion worldwide cases of urogenital infections annually, which include bacterial vaginosis, yeast vaginosis and urinary tract infections.

Importance of Prevention

As the old proverb goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this more apparent than with feminine health issues. Here are three reasons why prevention is crucial:-

Although often not showing symptoms, 78% of women have suboptimal vaginal health and 1/3 of all women test positive for bacterial vaginosis. As a result, many women may be at an increased risk for urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and pre-term labor without knowing it.

When bacterial vaginosis does arise AND it is correctly diagnosed, conventional treatment using antibiotics is only successful in 40% of cases. In addition, your doctor may not be aware that this success rate can be increased to greater than 80% when using a premium probiotic supplement.

What does all this mean for women? These undesirable conditions are disconcerting and difficult to cure when they are recognized or have hidden risks when they are not. But a measure of prevention is available as simply, in a once-daily, oral supplement. Like multivitamins for general health or vitamin C to help stave off a cold, a premium naturally fermented probiotic supplement daily are for your preventive assurance—it’s like a vitamin for your vagina.

Another very common ailment in women is known as Candida Albicans. This is simply a yeast & bacterial overgrowth. This type of condition can occur anywhere on the body that is moist and warm, but is more prone to occur in the mucous membranes like the mouth and vaginal area. This can result from a suppressed immune system, antibiotics or other medications, stress, hormonal imbalances, and general poor health or hygiene. Affecting millions of women, one natural & highly effective solution to help with Candida Albicans is to simply introduce premium naturally fermented probiotics to the female diet. It has been proven that such supplements for women can help maintain and greatly support not only vaginal health but urinary tract health as well, preventing infections.

In short, a daily dose of premium naturally fermented probiotics is highly crucial & strongly recommended for Woman’s Vaginal & Bladder Health & in maintaining a balanced microflora.