It has long been debated about the effects of consuming premium fermented probiotics & its long-term benefits on anti aging & skin. The truth has now been revealed & it’s been proven that by nourishing your insides with naturally fermented probiotics, you will not only feel the difference but you will see it as well! And now, prestigious clinical trials are even coming forth that suggest & prove exactly this.

Daily consumption of a premium naturally fermented probiotic has been shown to positively affect conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, skin allergies, acne, unsightly discolorations, and most importantly encourage cell turnover, which promotes anti-aging. It is also proving to be a powerful antidote against wrinkles! It thus, does not come as a surprise that many leading dermatologists & skin specialists now recommend that the first step in obtaining good clear skin, is to nourish your insides & create a balanced micro flora with a beneficial amount of good bacteria in your gut, thereby allowing for a healthy internal environment & hence, leading to smoother, clearer, skin with more brilliance & rosiness. Any skin ailments also dissipate and greatly improve through long-term use. When consumed consistently for a longer duration, a premium fermented probiotic supplement can create anti aging benefits & even “stop” time in its tracks. These fermented probiotics help you digest and assimilate important nutrients, boost your immune system and help you stay healthy, strong, and youthful. If you notice that your skin is not always clear and bright, chances are that you have an imbalanced inner ecosystem that has been weakened by environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs and a stressful lifestyle.
Most people would be happy to pass for five (or ten!) years younger than the age on their driver’s license. The cosmetics and personal care products industries know this and are full of products promising to be the fountain of youth in a cream or concealer.

But did you know that your body already holds the key & secret to youthful energy and appearance? It’s your own inner ecosystem, teaming with healthy micro flora (good bacteria) that resides in your intestines, keeping you healthy, strong…and yes, youthful.

Unfortunately, most people today have damaged inner ecosystems from environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs and a stressful lifestyle. Even if we think we are careful to avoid harmful antibiotics or toxins, these are introduced easily into our bloodstream through secondhand ways such as our food sources with growth hormone and antibiotics injections in meats that we eat, chemicals and pesticides in plants and vegetables that we consume. We don’t notice the ravages of time as much when we’re younger because much of the damage has not yet set in. However, as we age, we start to notice issues in our health, skin, weight or muscle tone, some sooner than others, that make us wish we could turn back the clock and had done something preventive earlier.. the good news is you can!

We know it’s not about the number of years you’ve spent on Earth that determines your age; it’s about maintaining energy and youthful vitality for many decades. (As its been scientifically proven i.e. a 50 year old man who maintains a healthy stress free lifestyle & takes care of his food & microflora environment, may actually have an internal clock of a 30 year old & even look years younger than his biological age) And you can go a longer way to building youthful vitality both inside AND out when you’ve simply established a thriving inner ecosystem.

The key to doing that and maintaining a well-balanced micro flora is, to add healthy bacteria, or a premium naturally fermented probiotic supplement, into your diet. It is what many Japanese have long realized & in which naturally fermented probiotics have long been a staple & an added source in the Japanese diet, hence, unsurprisingly, the Japanese have long been leaders in the creation & manufacture of naturally fermented probiotics. They perfected and to this day, remain the leaders of the traditional natural fermentation process, crucial in creating a superior grade of naturally fermented premium probiotic supplement.

Choosing the right probiotic supplement is crucial. Since micro flora live in your intestines, only naturally fermented premium probiotics that can withstand the harsh stomach acids and can deliver the good beneficial bacteria quickly and efficiently into the gut, will be highly effective. If in a paste form and being naturally fermented, this allows for live, viable good bacteria to thrive, thereby allowing the good bacteria to nestle and colonize in our gut & inside our intestines where they will then begin to start practicing their magic. In fact, they are oftentimes called”alchemists.” It’s a proven fact & we firmly believe that if you are serious about looking and feeling your best, then it is time to add beneficial naturally fermented premium probiotics to your daily diet.