It has already been established that Nearly 75% of our immune defenses are located in the digestive tract, so maintaining a favorable bacterial balance in the intestines (ideally 80% good or neutral bacteria to 20% harmful bacteria) is crucial to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

Science has proven that as we age, the number of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract begins to decline. Even if a person’s friendly bacteria levels remain steady throughout their adult life, some age-related changes can alter the population composition. As such, people over 60 have 1000 times less “friendly” bacteria in their guts than do younger healthy adults. As a result, older adults have a greater risk of suffering from digestive conditions such as constipation, diarrhea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as well as a decrease in overall immune function & with a compromised microflora, older people are more susceptible to major illnesses, including cancers and diseases.

As the elderly oftentimes have changes in the intestines, changes in diet, and changes in their immune system which can throw off the balancing act between the body and the “good” bacteria, in addition, changes in the mouth, such as decreased saliva production can also cause the friendly mouth bacteria to decrease. This further leads to problems like oral thrush. With extensive studies conducted on the elderly, The American College of Nutrition believe that regular supplementation of a naturally fermented premium probiotic can greatly help to alleviate and prevent these elderly illnesses.

The Right Choice at Any Age

Nowadays a wide range of probiotic supplements is available to provide daily and critical care support for all ages, and leading health experts recommend active cultures daily, depending upon your individual needs. There are a few important things to consider, however, when choosing the ideal formula. Over a span of various methods of probiotic development such as centrifugation, ultrafiltration & freeze drying, the most effective, viable superior probiotic is still one that is produced using an all natural fermentation process. This is a painstaking process and only one premium Japanese supplement exclusively procures a natural fermentation of more than 7 years, which allows the bacteria to thrive and grow, formulating an optimum environment where they remain live and viable before being delivered to the intestinal gut, through the patented enteric coated Sankyo capsules; wherein they can then begin their desired work.

Additionally, friendly bacteria are grown in what is called a “culturing medium” ie. milk, vegetables or fruit- based media. As the bacteria grow, they transform the culturing medium into a totally different substance called the supernatant. A very important component of “super” probiotics, the supernatant is filled with a variety of beneficial metabolic by products including antimicrobial compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocin etc, vitamins, enzymes, cellular building blocks, antioxidants and immunostimulants. A full-culture production method which retains all the friendly bacteria and supernatant, which is only possible through a natural fermentation process is the most desirable method. Bio-15 is the only Probiotic in the World that is a “super” probiotic that contains Probiotic, Prebiotic & Supernatant is retained.

As elderly people have fewer friendly bacteria, a premium fermented probiotic supplement will help maintain a good balance and if taken earlier on in life, an elderly person may prevent or keep at bay the usual ailments faced by many seniors when their micro flora are compromised, leading to less incidence & prevention of major illnesses, diseases & cancers.