When a woman is trying to get pregnant or is preparing ahead for a pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that she takes care of herself and her body. This includes looking after her diet, making sure she has a daily dose of supplements and vitamins, adequate folic acid, and eats healthily as well as exercises regularly. This, not only helps towards conception but also prepares the body for an easier & more fuss-free pregnancy & a healthier baby & delivery.

Additionally, when mothers are intending to breast feed their babies, the mother’s health is the most important part of healthy breast feeding. Everything a mother eats or comes into contact with effects her baby.

It’s a known fact that no group has as many digestive issues as pregnant women. Whether its heartburn, constipation, diarrhea or cramping, pregnant women in general suffer greatly from these ailments. It has long been proven that premium fermented probiotics are very helpful during pregnancy. Besides promoting a healthy gastrointestinal function, which aids in relieving constipation for many pregnant women, a supplement of fermented premium probiotics daily can also help increase the immune system of a baby even during pregnancy.

Changing the microbial population in a woman’s body from bad to good by eating a probiotic rich diet, loaded with fermented foods & beverages Or simply adding a premium fermented probiotic daily to your normal diet, can help conquer infections long before a baby is conceived or born.

When a mother includes fermented foods and/or fermented probiotic supplement daily in her diet both before and during her pregnancy, beneficial micro flora will “colonize” in both her intestines and her. Her baby then passes through a healthy vagina (instead of an infected one) and he or she becomes “inoculated” with helpful bacteria and yeast. An amazing phenomenon then occurs, colostrum and breast milk, rich in essential sugars, encourage the growth of micro flora.

Reproducing rapidly, they set an “inner ecosystem” into place and these good guys make their home in the baby’s own gut. Our inner ecosystem is largely responsible for helping us resist infections. Without one, our babies are susceptible to a number of inherited infections like and candidiasis (thrush). You’ll know your baby’s inner ecosystem is forming poorly if he or she is colicky.

Hence, it is crucial that current moms and mom-to-be (and dads as well) should take an active role in promoting the health of their current and future children by ensuring that they maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine with a daily dose of vitamins & especially including a daily dose of premium fermented probiotics for 6 months to 2 years prior to conception & during breast feeding.

This ensures that parents and parents-to-be build and maintain a healthy inner ecosystem of your own so that you can both pass on health & immunity (instead of infection or illness) to your newborn child during gestation & after he/she is born. To start your baby off on the right track, include fermented foods Or a premium fermented probiotic supplement in your diet as well as your baby’s. You will be establishing longevity & healthy immunity for life!