To understand the superiority of BIO-15 TM, we have to first understand the 4 main types of the manufacture of Probiotics.

Different Types & Processes of Probiotics.

It is important to understand & differentiate the different types of Processes for Probiotics.

4 methods of Probiotic development.These are listed below:-

Centrifugation is a method that when used, damages bacterial cell walls, breaks their chains as they multiply and even kill the bacteria outright. The supernatant is also removed in the process. In spite of the damage centrifuging does to the friendly bacteria, it remains a popular processing method because it is easy and cheap.

Ultrafiltration is another process although better than centrifuging, it is also harmful. In this process some bacterial chains are broken which reduces bacterial activity and the supernatant is separated.

Freeze drying is a method that uses lightning-fast biochemical process that dries the bacteria by freezing it within a vacuum. All that is removed is the water. This results in some bacteria being damaged or hurt in the process and the freeze drying also interferes with the bacteria’s optimum performance.

Natural Fermentation - BIO-15 is the only Probiotic supplement that is produced using an all natural, fermentation process. This painstaking process of more than 6 years, allows the bacteria to thrive and grow, formulating an optimum environment where they remain live and viable before being delivered to the intestinal gut, through the patented enteric coated Sankyo capsules; where they can begin their desired work.

Additionally, friendly bacteria are grown in what is called a “culturing medium” i.e. milk, vegetables or fruit- based media. As the bacteria grow, they transform the culturing medium into a totally different substance called the supernatant. A very important component of “super” probiotics, the supernatant is filled with a variety of beneficial metabolic by products including antimicrobial compounds such as hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocin etc, vitamins, enzymes, cellular building blocks, antioxidants and immunostimulants. A full-culture production method which retains all the friendly bacteria and supernatant, which is only possible through a natural fermentation process is the most desirable method. BIO-15 is the only Probiotic in the World that is a “super” probiotic that contains Probiotic, Prebiotic, Biogenics & Supernatant is retained.

Manufacturing Flow Chart

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