History Behind the Legend

Founded during the 1690s, through the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1790s, from feudal lords, daimios, famous kabuki stars and to the present day Japanese Imperial Household, we have supplied and maintained our longstanding traditions ensuring that only the best kept secrets are carefully and strategically combined with the latest in Japanese technology to produce some of the world’s most treasured tonics, herbal & food medicine.

The manufacturing outfit in Toyama prefecture & the raw ingredient plant in Okinawa generate over 200 tons of our premium health supplements annually. State-of-the-art GMP facilities, extensive awards, accolades, certifications for JAS (Japanese Organic Certs), USDA Organic Certificate, Japanese Reishi Associate Cert etc, stand testament to our quest and credibility for premium quality ingredients and of our steadfast commitment for continual R&D and the extensive use of Natural Herbal remedies.

Today, we have offices in Osaka, Tokyo & Singapore and our factory is based in Toyama. The Singapore office is responsible for the appointment of Worldwide agents & distributors as well as the development of our Digestive Health Department which saw an incredible growth in the past decade. Worldwide sales for Probiotic industry is expected to grow to US$31.1bilion in 2015. As such, we have spent milions in our R&D as well as furthering our development in our unique fermentation & manufacturing processes.

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