1. Friendly Bacteria cannot survive high heat & pressure that is inherent in many manufacturing processes. It is the reason why BIO-15™ uses the time honored & painstaking method of a 6 Year Natural Fermentation which allows for the growth, nurture & survival of Live, Viable & Stable Lactic Acid Bacteria.

2. Friendly Bacteria cannot survive stomach acids to populate both the colon & intestines, where it is needed most. BIO-15™uses the patented enteric (Double) coating developed by Sankyo Co.; one of the leading encapsulation facilities in the world, thereby allowing it to survive stomach acidity, bile & enzymes, delivering the full benefits of BIO-15™ & Live Viable Bacteria for effective colonization in the gut. Further, the PREbiotics in BIO-15™ serve as “food” for the Friendly Bacteria to survive.

3. All Probiotics are not created equal & do not exert the same effect. As a superior, award-winning product from Japan, BIO-15™, with its unique Natural Fermentation process & painstaking attention to every detail in the product manufacture, has, through the years, proven its effectiveness & attests greatly to its ability in overcoming all the problems faced with common Probiotics & Probiotics with conventional strains. As a result, it has won numerous accolades & is greatly endorsed by leading naturopaths, herbalists, general practitioners, medical personnel & doctors globally. BIO-15™ is the only Probiotic in the World that is a “super” probiotic where the Probiotic, Prebiotic, Biogenics (Supernatant) is retained.