Tiffany Lim, 38yrs, Sales
“I’ve suffered from bad skin and allergies almost all my life till I started to use Bio-15. It was incredible as not only did I improve my digestion, my skin started to look radiant and I use less moisturisers during the night. My allergies improved dramatically and I feel a lot healthier now!”

Peter Loh, 71yrs, Retired
“I’m a former athlete and I still do my regular exercise. However, over the years as I got older, it has been getting harder as I easily get tired. I also have bad bowel movements and indigestion. My son introduced Bio15 to me several years back. It was slow initially, but after a few months, I started to have better digestion. My stamina improved and I was able to continue with my exercise.”

Tan Cheng Bok, 55 yrs, Retired
“I had very bad Eczema since I was a teenager and have spent thousands trying to find a cure for it over the years. My doctor friend introduced Bio15 to me and after using it for 3 months, the itching started to stop. Now, it has disappeared. My entire family is on it now including my daughter’s family. It is a very good product.”

Mrs Barker, 48 yrs, Housewife
Hong Kong
“My family has always had a problem with Eczema and allergies. We’ve tried numerous remedies from Western drugs to Chinese Herbs but got little results from it all. About 5 years back, our neighbour brought us a box of Bio15. It was perhaps the best ”gift” they had given us. My kids and i have since enjoyed better skin and completion and I do recommend to anyone to try this product. I’ve always been a stickler on all things organic and natural and Bio15 fits the bill on all count!”

Adi Widjaya, 27 yrs, Professional Executive
“I work in a very stressful environment and have long hours and very bad diet. My good friend introduced Bio15 to me about a year ago. He was right, I use to have very bad stomach problems and was tired a lot of times. Now, my stomach problems are gone and I have been feeling less tired and I have not fallen sick since. It has improved my health a lot.”

Wendy O’Connor, 35 yrs, Banker
“Bio15 has helped my family and myself lots. My 3 young kids used to fall ill numerous times but since, their health have improved tremendously. I used to buy a smorgasbord of vitamins from the pharmacy and while they were alright, I found Bio15 to be better than all of them combined! My hubby suffers from Type 2 Diabetes and he is able to control his blood/sugar levels since with 3-4 capsules per day; and rarely uses his insulin jabs! Thank you Bio15!”

Mr Thanasukolwit, 41 yrs, Manager
“I have bad digestion since I was a boy and this made me have bad allergies. After I consumed Bio15 my digestion and allergies improved. It has also given me more energy when I go to work.”

Mdm Ayub, 52 yrs, Housewife
“My husband had a heart operation several years ago and after that he complained of tiredness and fell sick very easily. After I introduced him Bio15, his appetite improved and gained more energy.

Tomiko Ayumi, 29 yrs, Housewife
Japan – living in Singapore
”I used Bio15 when I was pregnant and now my children are on it. It is a very good product and it has kept my family very healthy. I used to have to go to the doctors quite often when I was younger but now I noticed my health has improved.”

Mdm Tan, 60 yrs, Housewife
“This product has improved my overall health greatly. I used to feel tired and lethargic a lot but now, I am already 60 and am enjoying my daily Tai Chi and Lion dance with my husband!”